Day #469:Are You Stuck? Remember Progress Begets Progress

Paralysis. Everyone has experienced it from time to time. It’s when progress is stalled, the gears have ground to a halt, motivation has dried, and there is no clear path forward.

In truth, it’s often the case that we don’t even want progress, because means more uncertainty, which is often the reason we’re stalled to begin with. It sounds silly, I know, but sometimes we squelch creative thought simply because we can’t bear the responsibility of execution. We are burdened by the weight of all that’s left undone, and even more so by the weight of all we imagine.

In these circumstances, stasis is stemmed only by progress, no matter how minor it may be. A few words written, a few phone calls made, a conversation about strategy, a few tasks checked off a list. This is often enough to begin moving the campaign toward completion.

When you are stalled, your only job is to do something – here and now – that moves the project forward.

  • Make a call
  • Complete – as in finish well – a task you’ve been avoiding
  • Write a few hundred words
  • Schedule a difficult conversation

Most importantly, when you are avoiding action on a project, take five minutes to re-commit yourself to the outcome and to ground yourself in why it’s important. When you become awash in a sea of tasks, it’s easy to lose sight of the why behind the what. Your perception of a project can become needlessly complex and overwhelming. Simplify, and re-commit.

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