Day #473:Smash Fear – Channel Your Inner Honey Badger

For some, fear is what paralyzes us. It keeps us from doing something risky. It is an excuse for inaction, routine, and procrastination.

For a few choice others, fear is what guides us. Fear is the signal that what we are doing is the right thing. It is proof of growth, courage, and progress.

Sometimes the best way – or really, the only way – to approach our fears is like the Honey Badger.

Run face-first into the bee’s nest.

Tackle the cobra. Get bit. Fall asleep, and then finish the job.

The thing about the Honey Badger is it doesn’t give a fuck. It takes what it wants. There’s no waiting. There’s no thinking. There’s no fear. And everyone else benefits from his audacity and brazen actions.

How can running head-first into your fears change your situation? What is the cobra or beehive you need to tackle? When will you stop thinking and run face-first into the thing that scares you? When will you start living life and stop letting life live you?

Start now.

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