Day #474:Leadership Is Everyone’s Business

Can you think of an instance in which a person said or did something that completely changed the course of your life for the better?

The other day a friend  sent me this video along with a note of thanks for having been a “lollipop leader” in her life. It got me thinking about the countless number of people who have had the same impact on me. They’ve led me, and sometimes unknowingly. It’s happened more times than I can count.

Leadership is everyone’s business, and it’s not about a title or organizational role.

It’s about choosing to care enough to act.

It’s about doing and saying the things that everyone else thinks about doing and saying.

It’s about taking arrows on behalf of someone else, and never telling a living soul about it.

It’s about saying hard truths out of compassion for another person face-to-face rather than complaining about them behind their back.

It’s about calling out the beauty you see.

It’s about doing the little things flawlessly every…single…time.

It’s about making others feel larger than life.

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