Day #486:The Anxiety of Information Overload!

I am a huge fan of reading online — I can generally do it for hours a day. But with the explosion of great blogs, online magazines and news sources, personal development sites, social media and more … how do you deal with the anxiety that comes with it?

Anxiety often results from:

  • Trying to keep up with all of your reading sources, online networks, etc., which have an endless stream of posts.
  • Trying to catch up with a reading backlog that might have items that are months or even a year old.
  • Being afraid that you’re missing important or key articles or posts.
  • Not being sure that you’re reading all the best blogs and sites, or following the most important people on Twitter or Facebook.

How do you deal with this? It’s a matter of letting go, and realizing you can’t ever, ever possibly read 1% of the good stuff that’s out there. It’s absolutely impossible. And so you must let go, or the anxiety will never end.

Trying to keep up is not only impossible, but a great waste of your life. You could be spending some of that time creating, pursuing a dream, exercising, learning a new skill, spending time with a loved one, or taking a nap. Any of those would be better than trying to keep up with everything, or worrying about it.

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