Day #492: An Old Sufi Story

A man entered a village and went to see the Sufi Master. The visitor said “I’m deciding whether I should move here ornot – and I’m wondering what the people here are like?” The Sufi Master said “Tell me, what kind of people live whereyou come from” The visitor said “They were robbers, cheats and liars” The Sufi Master said “You know, those are exactlythe same kind of people who live here” The visitor left and never came back. Another visitor entered the village andasked the same question of the Sufi Master “I am thinking of moving here – can you tell me what the people are like?”Again the Sufi Master asked “Tell me, what kind of people live where you come from?” The visitor said “Oh, they are thekindest, gentlest, most compassionate, loving people. I shall miss them terribly” The Sufi Master said “Those are exactlythe kinds of people who live here too

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