Day #515:QUOTE OF THE WEEK: You Can’t Procrastinate On Your Own Life

There’s a ton of advice swirling around for twenty-somethings, career-switchers, or for people just feeling stuck in monotony of the daily grind. What’s worth ignoring, and what should you take to heart?

Founder of Appleseed Communications, Ashley Crouch, compiled some of the best, straightforward advice, in this Fast Company article, “10 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Career In Your 20s.”

This week’s quote inspires a new adventure or lifetime dream, whether you’re 21 or 71. Gabrielle Jackson, President and Millennial Strategist at The Millennial Solution, shared her advice:

“You can’t procrastinate on your own life.”

Jackson continues: “We think things are just ‘going to happen’ whether it’s a raise at work, fulfillment in relationships, or even that pile of laundry we’ve been putting off . . . Your twenties are your time to take risks and start a business, learn a new language, try a different career and build the life that you want. Show up for your own success. When you hit 30, you won’t be wondering where your twenties went, you will be excited about where your thirties will go.”

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