Day #521:Chose That One Thing

As we advance into the last 30 days in the year, you find yourself  doing more soul searching. Trying to figure out what is the most important thing you need to do in the final hours of the year to make this year count as a success. A major idea I am working with is to to find clarity in doing just one thing.Find that one critical thing that if you achieve, you will feel more successful than usual.Find one, Not two or three.

Many times, the freedom of having so many choices stops us from choosing one.We often find ourselves on the fence of indecision, thinking, “What should I do? What do others think I should do?” We start evaluating our abilities, becoming discouraged about the possibilities before we even commit to a certain goal, or outcome.

In my experience, a clear, specific definition of your intended direction is critical. If you do not know the destination, how will you know if you are off course? You can’t reach your goal without clarity of vision.

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