Day #522:Living as an Achievment

I was watching Sir Ken Robinson’s latest TED Talk the other night, where he talks about the difference between “Teaching” (task) and “Teaching” (achievement).

Transcribed from the talk:

“A friend of mine, an old friend — actually very old, he’s dead. (Laughter) That’s as old as it gets, I’m afraid. But a wonderful guy he was, wonderful philosopher. He used to talk about the difference between the task and achievement senses of verbs. You know, you can be engaged in the activity of something,but not really be achieving it, like dieting. It’s a very good example, you know. There he is. He’s dieting. Is he losing any weight? Not really.Teaching is a word like that. You can say, “There’s Deborah, she’s in room 34, she’s teaching.” But if nobody’s learning anything, she may be engaged in the task of teaching but not actually fulfilling it.”

As I listened to the talk (highly engaging, as per usual), I thought there was another task/achievement word that we could add to teaching and dieting… Living.

It is possible to be alive, inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, you know the biology. But not really living. Just going through the day, going to work, eating. Doing all the things humans do to exist. But really missing the crucial things that comes with living, gratitude, the consciousness that comes with understanding why you are alive and what you bring to the world as a person. I am wondering how many people really live as a task but are not achieving joy and bliss of living. Are you living or existing?

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