Day #532:Want to Reach Your Goals in 2015? Here’s a Ton of FREE Content…

Early this week I told you about  7 secrets from people who kept their new  year’s resolutions. The key difference? To set goals. Good ones. Not terrible, pie-in-the-sky, I-will-walk-to-China-tomorrow goals, but real ones. Ones that stretch you, but that are also within reason.
I’ll be sitting down and doing my goal-setting this December, and writing about the process along the way.
If you’re interested in more content on goal setting, Michael Hyatt is currently giving out a boatload of it for free.
Go here to get three 20-minute videos, and a downloadable PDF. (All gratis.)
In all, the videos will help you get clear on what works in goal-setting (and what doesn’t). In videos like Four Secrets for a Breakthrough Year (#nice), Five Characteristics of People Who Get What They Want (#cool), and A Proven Roadmap to Your Best Year Ever (#woot), you’ll get the motivation, clarity, and direction you’ve been looking for.

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