Day #548:Find The Domino Goal or Habit for 2015.

If you had to make a list of all the habits you’d like to change or create or things you, how many changes would be on the list?

For many of us, we might have more than a dozen habit changes we’d like to make. And we want to make them all right now!

I’ve had several people tell me recently that they are overwhelmed by all the changes they want to make. They want to eat better, meditate, save more money, procrastinate less, write more, get better at relationships, exercise more, and so on … but they’re paralyzed by the amount of change they want to make. In the end, this paralysis means they don’t do much at all.

For me I like to think of it in terms of focusing on one major change that could be a domino for every other thing. For example,I wanted to write more, keep a journal and generally fell more inspired everyday. I couldn’t figure this out for years. However, when I started writing my blog once a day and I committed to writing it for 1000 days, it help other areas I have been trying to work on. Now I know I have to writing at least 100 words a day, I have to find at least one thing that inspires me in a day and I have to cultivate the discipline of showing up to my computer everyday to write something even if some days it’s crap.More importantly, I now know I need to live consciously because I know I want to write about it.

What more, the achievement of one significant goal gives you confidence that you can go on and achieve more.

So my advice, find that one goal, that one habit that if you changed or worked on would trigger a domino effect and help you in other ares of your life.

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