Day #550:#YearinReview!!! What Did You Ship in 2014?

It’s about 3 hours to the new year in Lagos Nigeria. I am just taking a final opportunity to do a final assessment of the year 2014.

About 4 years ago, Seth Godin started posting an annual Shipped List; a public account of all the projects that he had completed (aka “shipped”) in the previous 12 months. I liked the idea and have, and this year I have tried to write a list of every project I set out to do and I actually completed.

1.Moved back to Nigeria semi-permanently

2.Completed the National Youth Service Corps programme. A major win if you are a young Nigerian reading this.

3.Started a full time corporate job with the largest e-commerce company in Africa

4.Incorporated a company in Nigeria to begin operations in 2015.

5.Wrote 365 blog entries on this blog never missing a day for the entire year.

6.Launched the Career Sweet Spot training series for young professionals.

There’s also another three or four projects that I started but couldn’t find the guts to finish or ship. If it doesn’t ship, it doesn’t count.

I have to say this is an embarrassing list to publish and perhaps you shop try it. Try to make a list of the things you started in 2014 and shipped. It might surprise you to see how much you achieved and how to prepare for the new year.

Happy new year to you anywhere you are reading this post from. Thank you for stopping by.

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