Day #563:What’s Your “Beautiful Question” For 2015?

I am sure if you are someone like me, you can’t stop reading all these articles on the best way to make resolutions you can keep. Just in case you are getting tired, don’t just yet. I have another one I think you will like.

In case you are getting overwhelmed with all these articles telling you how you should set your new year resolutions, let me offer an advice. What I have done is to read every article and book I find and choose a system that works for me.Currently, I am using the 90 days goal setting system.

Warren Berger, Author of  A MORE BEAUTIFUL QUESTION has a developed another system I think you might find interesting. Choosing your ‘Beautiful Question’ and using it as a guide for how you approach your year. He writes:

With New Year’s comfortably behind us, we’ve all had enough talk of resolutions. But for those still looking for a way to spark change in their lives, I’d like to suggest a different approach. Try formulating your own “beautiful question”—one that is bold and engaging enough to keep you working on it throughout 2015.

A beautiful question (at least according to my own, admittedly subjective definition) can be thought of as an ambitious, yet actionable, question that can begin to shift the way we think about something—and can serve as a catalyst to bring about change.

On the kind of questions able to set you on the right path, he suggests:

By asking, for example, How might I reposition myself in response to changes happening in my industry?, or, How might I use my own strengths to tackle a specific problem impacting my community?, you set in motion a process that can lead to profound change.

The key to utilising this strategy effectively is to figure out what kinds of question are able to trigger the sort of massive action you want to experience.How can you go about doing this? Warren advises:

Start building your own beautiful question by looking to where your interests and passions lie—ask yourself some questions about what moves you, what you care deeply about, what you feel you were meant to do. Look for a tough problem that needs solving, in your business, your community or your personal life.

Good luck!

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