Day #572:Can You Live One Day Without Your Phone?

Life has become very dependent on the cellular phone. People can’t go out of home without it, and if they forget it at home, they feel as if they have left some important part of themselves at home.

It is true to say that the cellular phone, and especially the smartphone, has turned into an extension of the human body.

Let me ask you, what would happen, if you leave your phone at home on purpose? I mean, for just for a few hours.

Would you feel bad, stressed, unsafe and unhappy?

I tried this recently and to my surprise, the world did not end. Everything was as it is.

What would happen, if for just a few hours you don’t see what your friends wrote of Facebook, or other social network?

Would you feel like a cigarette smoker, or drug addict, who has been deprived of cigarettes or drugs?

Most of us are seriously addicted to our phones and to life on social media we don’t even take time to live. We never take time to enjoy our present moment, we are eager to hear the next PING and find out if there’s someone from any part of the world who remembers us. When we do this, we effectively rob ourselves of the pleasure and the joy of enjoying the present moment.

I have been in social engagements where everyone sits at the same table but focused on their phone and do not bother to look up to see the person right in front of them. This phenomenon is captured in this video by Gary Turk.

Dont miss out on life right before your eyes by living most of it on your screen.

So I want to challenge you to do an experiment.

For just one day, when you leave home to go to work or to school, don’t take your phone with you. Leave it at home. Can you do that?

Without your phone, you will be aware of the world around you. Even food will taste differently, because you will focus on eating when you eat, not on what’s going on the screen of your phone.

Leaving your phone at home requires inner strength and willpower, and therefore, it is a great exercise for developing these powers. It is not an easy thing to do, and if you do it, it is a real achievement and a great gain.Trust me, I have tried it.

Or you can try another variation: Take your phone with you in your pocket or purse, but switch it off, until you come home. This will give you a feeling of safety. However, you will need to exhibit inner strength all day long, not to give in to the desire to switch on your phone.

Another variation of the exercise is to switch off your phone, now and then, for about thirty minutes. Of course, don’t do this when you are expecting an important call


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