Day #592:”Great – start the next one tomorrow.”

In the book, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield , he told a story about the time he finished a novel, and promptly raced down the street to a mentor’s house to share the news. The mentor’s response?“Great – start the next one tomorrow.”

This is the mindset of a professional. Celebration? Sure! Do something to mark the moment. Congratulate yourself and your team. Enjoy the moment.

But the next day? Get back to work.

Great artists and professionals celebrate the success of their work by starting the next immediately. Whether it’s a book, a record, project or anything they take on.

It’s easy to allow sentiment or nostalgia stall progress. Whether that means latching onto an idea, or becoming overly attached to the way you think things used to be, it can prevent you from taking those next, critical steps forward. You can’t hold on to a moment, you can only mark it and move on.


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