Day #614: 15 Hilarious and Creative Responses to Actual Test Questions

There are correct answers, there are wrong answers, and then there are the best answers. These students have most definitely figured out the best answers! Whether you are looking for sarcasm, snark, or blatantly truthful, these funny test answers will certainly boost your creativity.

1. Wolverine is always the correct answer

test answer to boost your creativity

2. Somehow, I don’t think the teacher would appreciate this one! 


3. Well, they aren’t wrong!


4. Creative answers lurk in chemistry classes, too!

Source: imgur

5. It’s always good to have confidence.


6. Remember, Saturn was not a single lady. (My Favourite)


7. Rebel, rebel. . .


8. You can’t deny the sound advice here. 


9. He does have a point.


10. I guess this teacher isn’t big on romance.


11. He’s just keepin’ it real!


12. Just one letter away from a new Breaking Bad episode. 


13. Animal rights are very important – even in the classroom.


14. Did the teacher really expect the student to write in English? 

17 -addfunny

15. Um…Not quite. 

19 - imgur

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