Day #645:The learners will inherit the future

What, where, and how we should educate themselves is an open question these days. The debate about the relative merits of getting a university degree rages on, sparked by such creations as the Thiel Fellowships, which literally require young entrepreneurs to drop out of school so that they can just start making stuff already. Bloggers point to a small cadre of successful white men (Jack Dorsey! Steve Jobs! Mark Zuckerberg!) who dropped out of university, and use it as a shortcut to dismiss the value of an entire institution.

Yet the answer is not so black and white. Whether or not we go to uni, the new world of work demands that we embrace learning as a lifelong project. It’s not something that stops after high school, or after uni , or even after you find your career path, land your first book deal, or sell your first company. And it’s not something that happens only in a classroom, or only in books. In fact, the real learning usually happens anywhere but those places.

As those of us who have been through it know, the most interesting thing about leaving high school or uni and diving into the world of work is that you instantly realize just how much you still have to learn. You get your first job, or you start hustling on your own, and you discover a massive new learning curve.

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