Day #647:What are you Waiting For?

Annie Dillard once said that how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. If that’s true, then I spend most of my life waiting. In fact, we all do.

Life is an endless series of appointments and phone calls and procrastinated tasks that need to but sometimes never get done. A long list of incomplete projects and broken promises that tomorrow will be better.

But it never is.

Most of life is not the big moments that take our breath away. It’s being put on hold and waiting in office lobbies, watching that stupid hourglass rotate again and again on the computer screen. It’s load times and legal processes. Long, drawn-out bureaucratic systems that leave us sitting, watching the clock. Life is one big wait.

For many of us, gone are the days of doing something we like just because it feels right and we wan to do it.Things have slowed down, and responsibilities have accumulated.

And where does that leave us, the dreamers and imagineers who thought we were born to make the world a better place? The days might start to feel longer or more static. Everything may seem to be standing still. But of course, it’s not. And in this stillness, we have an opportunity

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