Day #671:The Fear Manifesto

There are two ways to go through life:

One is with Fear. Be careful, don’t let anyone hurt you, don’t try to dance first so people don’t laugh at you, don’t try something you are not sure of,what if you don’t make it and people ridicule you,defend yourself, don’t over commit to anything or anyone because they will always disappoint you, don’t strive too much for big goals because you might fail, fall in love or pretend you are in love when everything is fine, but make sure the love is not too much to expose you,behave yourself when you get your job, don’t over show yourself and don’t disagree with your boss even when he/she does something wrong,you don’t want to get fired, just do what you are told, obey and you get to keep your job, remember you have kids to take care of, don’t be over ambitious and risk everything, don’t trust people because they will let you down.

If you do all these, you will live a quiet peaceful life and you will get everything you deserve.
There’s another way, Live, be happy, laugh out loud, set big goals, take bold steps, fall in love, express your love, travel, try and get lost, go to a place without a map just to see where you will end up, challenge authority when you see people not doing the right thing,
don’t compromise your values, try new things just to see what you can learn, dance, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.
You will find more joy and hidden gems in life when you live this way and you will discover new things about the world and about yourself.
What have you got to lose?  Life is risky, trying to be safe is very risky; because for sure we know you won’t make it out of life alive.

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