Day #680:Dealing with Shifting Priorities

Most of us have very busy jobs, We have weeks when we have everything planned out and suddenly something comes up and we have to give up our plan and deal with this thing that just came up.

The difference between success and failure is hard to see on a week-to-week timeline. Consistency and meeting your goals overall is what will determine your success. But day-to-day, we all have to make decisions to change course or not finish something.

The real thing that matters is the why behind your change.

Did you change course because you got new information or made a deliberate choice to shake up your priorities?

Or did you procrastinate and just run out of time? Did you do something just because someone asked you to, and not because it was the highest priority?

Successful changes in course happen all the time. But here’s the thing: they have to be deliberate. Passive choices or taking the path of least resistance almost never works out successfully.

You have to choose to change for a reason (usually one that involves making a bigger impact or doing a better job). If you are passive or just change course because someone brought something new and shiny (or only seemingly urgent) to you, then your change of course isn’t adding any value.

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