Day #713: My Book of the Week: Wes Moore’s The Work

I have just started reading Wes Moore’s second book; The Work. The second book I am reading this week.(My story of reading more than one book a week is a post for another day). Although most people have written that they preferred reading Wes Moore’s first book: The Other Wes Moore, I haven’t read it, but I really liked reading this book so far.

Wes Moore survived a difficult childhood in the Bronx and Baltimore and went on to be a Rhodes Scholar, work on Wall Street, combat soldier deployed to Afghanistan, serve as a White House Fellowship and beyond. This book is a reflection on the nature of work and passion in his own life and his quest to continually find meaning and has the title states, a life that matters. Needless to say he is quite a man, and has accomplished far more than most.

I like this snippet from the description – “Our truest work happens when we serve others, at the intersection between our gifts and our broken world. That’s where we find the work that lasts.”

My most impactful quote from this book however, is his thought on the irony of what we expect from our employers or companies we work with in  terms of loyalty and what happens when the circle of safety is broken. He writes:

“…But this is the trick that a job can sometimes play on us: we know we’re working at the pleasure of a manager, an owner, a corporation, but we’re human and can’t help but develop emotional attachments to the work we do. We begin to identify ourselves with our employers and believe that a business can return our loyalty. Sometimes businesses do. But when it comes down to it, a corporation’s first allegiance is to its own survival. Everyone benefits from the idea that we’re all in it together—until suddenly we’re not.”
Wes Moore, The Work

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