Day #717:Dreams vs. Desires

Desires (you can substitute the word wants or hungers as well) issue from perception, belief, or feeling that there is absence or lack. Because desires are the offspring of emptiness, our efforts to satisfy them cannot be successful.

Dreams by comparison, are the legitimate issue of our souls seeking expression and manifestation in this journey called life. This does not refer to our night dreams, but instead to the flashes of inspiration that come to us as prompts and messages from our hearts. Dreams are the hints that, when we are brave enough to follow them, will lead us to discover new landscapes and destinations of remarkable value.

As you identify the course you want to chart going forward, you would be wise to stop going for the brass ring and the ever-elusive carrot of desire and focus instead on the authentic look and feel of your deeper dream. Your dream will open doorways to new ways of living and being and generating genuine joy, lasting satisfaction, and enduring love. Your dream will lead you to meaning and purpose, allowing you to harness your potential and fulfill your destiny.

Marianne Williamson said, “It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” Some of us are afraid of standing out, of shining too brightly. As you explore your dreams, do not let the fear of the light be what prevents you from experiencing life.

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