Day #730:The ‘What to do with your life’ Conundrum

One of the biggest questions we all face consciously or unconsciously on a daily basis, is figuring out what to do with our lives. Most people have never even thought of this question.

For those thinking, we rarely fight to get straight answers. We just settle into the ones our parents, teachers, preachers or anyone around us define for us. We have no need to find out, for what purpose are we here, and how does that affect what we do everyday? Most of us shy away from this exercise because it is a really complicated task. The task of finding ourselves is the most difficult job in the world and most people never do it. Most people never bother to know who they are, what they are placed here on earth to do and how their life might have a meaning in the world they live in. It is easier for us to focus on learning about other people and things than learning about ourselves.

So let’s take a pause here: Have you taken time to think about this question lately?
Who are you really? I dont mean your name and your surname.
Why are you here? Why are you alive? I know your breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2.
What do you like to do and what do you think you are placed here to solve?

These questions, are ‘deep, boring questions’ and you may not find an answer to this question in your first time thinking about them. As a matter of fact, the answers you get might and it will change. But you have to ask yourself those questions. You can’t afford to go on living without answering those questions.

There’s an imminent danger in not asking yourself these question and moving in the direction of the answers you get: you go through life not knowing what we are capable of doing.
Most of us though, try not to find out. For fear of failure.
We begin by worrying that we aren’t good enough, that we’re not smart enough or talented enough to get what we want. And then we voluntarily live in this paralyzing mental framework, rather than confront our own role in this self-fulfilling paralysis. Just the possibility of failing turns into something self-fulfilling. We begin to believe that these personal restrictions are in fact fixed limitations of the world. We go on to live our lives, all the while wondering what we can change and how we can change it. And we calculate and re-calculate when we’ll be ready to do the things that we really want to do. And we dream. If only. If only. One day. Someday.

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