Day #734:Do you Have a Learning Goal for this Summer?

Summer months in most part of the world are usually holiday periods. Time to travel, visit new places, alone, with a partner or with your family. Summer months could also be a time to try and learn new things. Since mostly you are away from the crazy weekly schedule of office life. I am writing this assuming you live in the western world  and you take time off from work for summer holidays. If not, just go with the flow and imagine these are regular months.

This post is about using those months as a way of doing somethings you wouldn’t normally have time for during your regular working months. Activities like reading, learning a new skill or volunteering for a cause you care about can greatly make your summer months exciting. I have already written about Bill Gates’ book recommendations for the summer and a list of great books from TED speakers you could think of reading for this summer in case you need inspiration in choosing books to read.

In case you are looking for something more active, I have just received this message from the guys at Khan Academy I think you will find useful incase you want to pick up some extra skills such as coding or you want to sharpen your maths skills.

Not sure what you want to learn this summer? Here are three ideas:

  1. Supercharge your math skills. For example, if you’re headed into Algebra I, jump into theAlgebra I mission and get started on those mission foundations (prerequisites) to make sure you start the school year strong.

  2. Join Pamela, our Computer Science teacher, for a Summer of Scripting! Sign up for reminders and weekly contests to help you learn JavaScript, one of the web’s most popular and important programming languages.

  3. Explore a new topic you’ve always been curious about, such as economics, finance, art history, or health and medicine. Remember: You can learn anything!

I hope this helps with some learning goals. Enjoy your summer.

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