Day #754:Your calling gives your life meaning

Do you dislike your job? Well, you’re not alone. Only 13 percent of the world’s population actually enjoy their work. So how can we go about changing that statistic? Perhaps by searching for work that makes you happy and refusing to do anything else?

Not exactly. The best way to achieve happiness in the workplace is to find your calling – a force larger than yourself that drives your every action. And to do that, you can’t think only in terms of happiness and pain.

Humans shouldn’t be mere pleasure seekers or discomfort avoiders; instead, they should strive to imbue their lives with meaning.

If you’re busy steering clear of pain and failure, you’ll never find your calling. Inevitably, you’ll face challenges along the way to achieving your dreams, and accepting these difficulties as a natural part of discovering what you really love is part of maintaining forward movement.

Viktor Frankl, the renowned psychologist and Holocaust survivor, knew this well. He wrote that everyone needs a reason to keep living, a cause to push them forward.

But how do you find this cause? That’s where awareness comes in. Awareness helps you recognize your calling when you come across it.

People discover their callings when some event or feeling triggers their awareness of it. For instance, Luke Skywalker knew he wanted to be a Jedi after Obi-Wan Kenobi introduced him to the art.

So, though it can be difficult, you need to keep an eye out for this event. Awareness is being ready for the moment so you can seize it when it comes.

Another good way to find your calling is to make a list of all the major events in your life, even the ones that might not seem like the most important. When did you feel the most fulfilled, happy or accomplished? Look for similarities between these moments – your calling might be something that ties them all together.

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