Day #755:Your calling gives your life meaning [Part 2]

Find good mentors and never stop practicing.

Yesterday I wrote about finding your calling.I realize how difficult that is from how many time I have read, and writing about it and I still keep coming back to the same issues every time. Finding and following your calling is a personal journey, but that doesn’t mean you should do it alone. Getting support from others is a very important part of it!

It’s tempting to view successful people as self-made; in reality, however, almost no one achieves success alone. In fact, the most successful people are those who know how to find good coaches and mentors. Mentors guide them as they get closer to their calling.

Every person you meet and every experience you have is a chance to learn something about yourself. Life is your school. Just think about Steve Jobs: He left college to pursue his dream and sneaked into college classes he found interesting or valuable. The rest he learned by working with people in the outside world.

Once you’ve found the people who can help you move toward your goal, it’s time to get to work. You can only master your calling by practicing it.

And the best way to practice is to never stop striving toward knowledge and self-improvement. That means you have to accustom yourself to failure.

Practice isn’t about doing the same simple task over and over again. It’s about pushing yourself into new frontiers – making mistakes and learning from them.

Think of practicing as muscle building. Muscles grow when you regularly push them a little too far, which causes them to tear and then rebuild themselves.

It’s important to note, though, that you can’t will yourself to achieve everything. There are some things that some of us just can’t do, and that’s all right. So if you find you can’t make any progress, maybe you haven’t found the right calling yet.

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