Day #756: Your calling gives your life meaning [Final]

Here is the final part of this series.

So what should you do after you find your calling, surround yourself with the right mentors and continue to practice everyday? So what do you do once you know where you’re headed? Sit back and see where things take you?

Far from it. Your journey is a flight of stairs – not an escalator. Keep taking steps until you reach the top.

Say your calling is teaching, for instance. You shouldn’t stop working toward your goal: keep teaching classes, watch other teachers work and study techniques in the library. If you stop for even a short period, it might be difficult to start again. Always keep improving yourself!

But don’t worry about making a few missteps. Failure doesn’t take you away from success – it leads you there!

Everyone who pursues their dream experiences setbacks at some point. Accept these hardships as opportunities to learn and better yourself.

This is exactly what happened to Steve Jobs when he was kicked out of Apple, his very own company. Instead of dwelling on his misfortune, he got involved with Pixar. He learned from his mistakes at Apple and turned Pixar into a highly profitable business; eventually, he returned to Apple and turned it into one of the biggest companies in the world.

A good way to think about your mistakes is to use the pivot foot. In basketball, when you take two steps without dribbling, the foot you land on becomes your pivot foot, meaning you can’t take it off the floor. But you can move your body around it, looking for chances to pass or shoot.

In other words, you can still act even when you think you’ve come to a stopping point. No roadblock is the end. You’ve got to be the one to take yourself where you want to go.

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