Day #769:TED Talk: 5 Ways to Become a Better Listener

There is a difference between listening and hearing. So much so that sound consultant Julian Treasure believes we retain only 25% of what we hear. In this informative TED Talk Treasure expounds his theory, offering tools for learning to really listen – among increasingly quick sound bites in our noisy world.

If you feel like your listening skills have room for improvement, listen to Treasure’s seven minute talk and follow this five-step plan for not just hearing, but truly listening:

1. Be completely silent for three minutes a day
2. When in a noisy environment, concentrate on the individual sounds you hear
3. Savor and enjoy the mundane sounds around you
4. Have an awareness of the filters in play. Treasure provides seven filters that influence the way we listen: culture, language, values, beliefs, attitudes, expectations and intentions.
5. Follow the acronym RASA – R for receive, A for appreciate, S for summarize and A for ask.

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