Day #859:Are You Going to Matter?

You are most likely going to be successful. Have a successful career.Make a lot of money to take care of your family, live in a big house and take vacations every summer.You may even be famous. That’s not the point. The question is, are you going to matter? Will a group of people gather when you die and say, ‘he touched my life’, ‘he made me see the world in a different way’. That’s what we should be fighting for.

The Dutch painter Van Gogh died penniless. He couldn’t pay his bills by the time died. Today, the cheapest Van Gogh goes for millions of dollars. Tesla died a failure. He was never as successful as Thomas Edison who was his adversary if you call it that while he was alive. Today, Tesla’s ideas brought us the radio, the internet and the company Tesla Motors is built on Tesla’s idea of generating electricity through solar power.

The point is not to put your life on hold and try to live poor perhaps you might be famous in death. The point is to choose work that affects people’s lives even if no one sees it today and you don’t win any ‘outstanding innovation awards’. The point is to take your day job whatever it is even if it’s running spreadsheets and make it art. Find a way to make it change or make people’s live better.

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