Day #875:The gap between where you are and where you want to be

British Philosopher, Alain De Botton writes in his book The Consolations of Philosophy , “…no one is able to produce a great work of art without experience, nor achieve a worldly position immediately, nor be a great lover at the first attempt; and in the interval between initial failure and subsequent success, in the gap between who we wish one day to be and who we are at present, must come pain, anxiety, envy and humiliation. We suffer because we cannot spontaneously master the ingredients of fulfilment.”

The wisdom from this may seem very obvious but we all fall into this same trap every time. We all want to do something great at our first try. So we wait and never do anything because we believe we don’t have enough knowledge or experience. Guess what, those only come from trying and failing and learning and then doing it again. We cannot simply fly into greatness. It requires a process, crawl, walk, run then maybe you will fly.

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