Day #900:We don’t get what we want in life, we get what we are!!

Every goal you want to achieve in life will not happen until you become the person who is able to manifest that thing in real life. Olympic athletes know this too well, the race is won first in the mind before it’s won on the track.
If your level of thinking is not worth a million dollars, you can set a goal to have a million dollars in the bank many times over and over, you will never get it. Your goal then should not be about that you get, it should be about what you become. Thats why stretch goals are so important. Because in the end it’s not about what you get, its about who you become in the process of achieving that goal.
Getting a degree for example is not just about the certificate you get at the end of years of study, it’s about the discipline you cultivate in the process of getting that degree that matters. Thats why most people who drop out of a university degree still go on to succeed because the university is not about the years of going to class and the tests, it is about the discipline of focusing and studying something for a number of years.
If who we are is the biggest determinant of what we get, then what determines who you are? As the Buddha says: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.”
Who you are is about what you have in the inside of you. Your character, your thoughts, the ideas that come out of you. If I may digress, the physical body you have right now is a summation of everything you have eaten. You are what you eat. You cannot expect to eat a lot of junk food and look healthy because your body naturally processes what you feed it. In the same way, who you are in the level of your mind is based on what you feed your mind. Take a simple example and look at the people around you. The people who make decisions in your company’s board room, what do they read? Harvard Business Review articles on ‘How to Grow a Company, ‘How to Lead A team, ‘What is Disruption?’ or you think they read the gossip blog? Linda Ikeji et al?
The people who are the stars at the office gossip table spend most of their time on gossip blogs because they need something to talk about while at the office gossip table. We all like this people who have the latest gists don’t we? If thats your goal, to become the guy/girl that has the most gist at the office gossip table, then off your go, read everything you can find on all gossip blogs and makes sure you are as updated as possible.
If on the other hand, your goal is to get a seat in your company’s board room or to contribute valuable input to your company’s growth, then we should ask what are you reading now? When we interview people in our company, I like to ask them ‘ What book are you reading now?’ Because it tells you a lot about a person’s ambition and how much they think about themselves.
People who live extraordinary lives and achieve great things in their work, relationships, finances; which I assume is the majority of people reading this newsletter, do so by setting clear goals and investing their time and resources in making sure they achieve those goals. Just show me what you read and how you spend your time and I can tell you where you will be 5 years from now. It’s not about prophecy, it’s just simple logic.
So, let me ask you: who are you today? or who are you becoming? Who do you want to become? What books have you read lately, what do you listen to, who are the top 5 people closest to you? Believe it or not, they shape who you are and who you become. If you friends like gossips, parties and having fun, thats who you are. Lions only hang out with lions because they are aligned in their thinking and what they want: hunt a prey.

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