Day #901:The Power of Small Steps

Most times we want to do really big things. We focus so much on the big things we get overwhelmed and never even take steps to move. We get immobilized by how big how goals are and we never bother to even start.

Today makes it 99 more days to complete my 1000 days challenge of writing  on this blog. Writing for 900 days consistently seemed impossible 2 and half years ago. If I had thought of all the logistics of writing everyday and all the obstacles, I would probably never start writing.  Focusing on small steps and taking it one day at a time has been the key to writing this blog consistently.

I saw a quote somewhere where it said, ‘Done is better than perfect’. That’s how I feel everyday. Just writing something, ‘shipping something’ as Steven Pressfield calls it everyday helps you really get better at something. Thats what separates pros from amateurs.

Thank you for reading this blog for the past 901 days.

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