Day #916:What Will You Leave Behind?

Wuthering Heights is ranked as one of the greatest works of English literature of all time.

It was published only a year before the death of author Emily Bronte in 1848, who went to the grave at the age of 30.  At the time, the book hadn’t broken through and she would have thought that she was a failure.

Of course, she wasn’t.

Her worked lived on.

Her expertise shone.

And even though it’s over 150 years old, her work is still read, loved and debated.

You’ll be gone one day (sad but true).

Hopefully, you’ll make it well beyond 30, but the inevitable will happen.

Will there be a legacy left behind?

Something that displays your talent and passion?

Are you working towards something great?

I know that we would all like to see success during our lifetime, but let me ask you, what would be sadder?

To die without seeing the impact that your ideas and actions have had on the world?

Or to die without leaving any mark whatsoever?

You know the answer, so please do something that matters and do it with excellence.

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