Day #922:It Matters

It matters what you care about. What makes you angry. It matters to identify an injustice you can try to right.
It matters that there’s something more than regular life that pushes us to wake up every morning without an alarm. Some people call it passion, some people say it’s drive? I think it’s more like finding a void, something that makes us thirst for more.Some form of inner motivation. Some people find it easily and they can pick themselves up every morning to follow their passion and do amazing things in the world. Some of us have to dig deeper to find it. if you fall in the latter category, the key is to never give up.
Every time you fall down, you feel like you are not motivated enough, pick yourself up and move on.
There has to be more to life than having a regular job, starting a family and growing old. There has to be something we are put here on earth to do. Or maybe there isn’t. I guess it’s more fun to just believe there is.

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