Day #925:Welcome to 2016!

Is this year going to be one of continued change and personal growth?

Will you make progress towards your goals?

Will you make a significant and positive contribution to the people around you?

Will you live with joy and influence others to smile with you?

Will you be unstoppable in the face of adversity and challenges?

Will you set new standards for your work?

Will you do something so remarkable this year that you will look back in 364 days with great satisfaction?

Or will it be the same as last year?

Dull, unremarkable, inadequate?

Will you float along, controlled by the ebbs and flows of life?

Will you give up at the first indication of difficulty?

Will you allow your fears to dictate your levels of success?

Will you stay in the same unhelpful routine as years gone by?

Will you create a long list of excuses for doing nothing with the opportunities that this year will inevitably present you with?

Will you look back at the end of the year and regret that you didn’t do enough?

Will it be a happy new year, or just the same old year?

The choice is up to you!

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