Day #929: Your Motive Doesn’t Matter, Just do it!

I was in a conversation someone some days ago, when he told me he feels January is the most deceptive month in the year. I asked him why, he replied ‘ because in January, most people are really fake. You see a lot of people in the gym, 95%  will stop coming to the gym 3 weeks later’. This is really funny and sadly true to an extent. We are in the month where the euphoria of ‘new year resolutions’ is making a lot of people do new things: going to gym, eating healthy, reading, calling their parents,etc.
When you think about this, people join the band wagon of ‘new year, new life’ every January.
Most people who have their life together think of this as hypocrisy and weakness. But let’s face it, not everyone is driven and motivated to get their life together and they stick to it all year round.
Personally, I don’t care what motivates you, and what drives you to want to get your life in order, what I care about is that you decide to change your life and do something about it and you are doing just that. Let people judge you and say whatever they think. But figure out what is important for you. Find a reason why making that change is important for you. It could be because it’s a new year and it’s a clean slate and you just want to start over and really commit to doing something with your life.  Or because  you want to impress that girl you have had a crush on for a while then you decide to exercise and get six packs. Not the most healthy motivation but it’s fine. Or you want to make enough money so you can buy that latest edition of your favorite car. Who cares, go for it.
Just make sure you find something that motivates you to want to make that change. Find something that will make you stay up late and wake up early morning. and go for it. If you don’t get it right , try again and again till it happens.

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