Day #943:The First Step is the Hardest

When starting a business, making the first income is the hardest.When trying to sell products, the first phone call is the hardest.When trying to lose weight, the first kilogram is the hardest.When writing a book, the first page is the hardest.

It’s the hardest, so it’s easy to give up before it’s done, or be daunted before you start.

If there’s something that you know you should do, let me encourage you today to not be intimidated by the first step.Don’t think that it’s too hard.Just grit your teeth and get started.

Make the first move, the first call, lose the first kilogram, write the first page.Then celebrate for a moment, take a deep breath and take the second step.It will be an easier step and it will help you to build momentum towards your goals.Why are the next steps easier?It’s because of the strength that you build taking the first one.It’s because of the possibilities that are created.

And it’s because of the lessons that you learn along the way.So go ahead.Take the first step.

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