Day #950: Just 50 More Days to go!


Just 50 more days to complete 1000 days of inspiration. But who’s counting really? I know there’s the temptation to write out ‘X number of lessons from writing for 1000 days’, but I wont do that. For me, the most important part of writing this blog is not about how many clicks and shares and likes it gets, even though that would be good. The most important point for me is just the exercise of overcoming ‘the resistance’ and writing something everyday no matter how bad the piece is. The ability to make the committment to myself, not anyone . Show up everyday and write something.

My challenge to you: There’s no point in reading alot of books if you are not going to use any of the ideas or let the ideas shape how you think and relate to the world. Reading this blog is great. Writing one will be even better.


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