Day #956:Why You Must Make Choose and Commit to Your Work

If you want to become a great contributor in your field, then you must be willing to boldly choose between equally viable options, and commit to your decision.

However, many people are unwilling to choose because they are afraid of missing out on something better. They fear that if they choose the wrong thing, they’ll never recover. This fear keeps them juggling multiple options for years, and as a result they never really make significant progress in any one area. It is like the single lady or guy who fails to choose and settle on a partner because she’s scared something better might come along down the line and she might miss out. Failure to choose and commit to one partner has led her to stay single longer than she would have wanted to. Of course this example is absurd, who says something better won’t come along down the line?Why settle?  No one. What if something better doesn’t?

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