Day #957:Define What Success Means to You

Everyone loves a winner. We celebrate them, elevate them, and publicize their feats. We hold them up as the gold standard. We all want to be the winner in the spotlight.

But here’s a question worth pondering: who gets to determine what “winning” means?

If you make a lot of money and become a household name while remaining largely unknown by the people in your own household, is that “winning”?

If you carve out a lifestyle that enables you to spend your days on comfort and self-gratifying behavior, but spend none of your freedom on behalf of others, is that “winning”?

Make sure  you define what success really means to you. If you don’t, you may find yourself standing on the podium some day, and realize it is simultaneously your moment of greatest success and defeat. How you define greatness will ultimately define you.

If you don’t  define what’s important for you very early, you will find yourself working very hard to reach a goal and once it’s achieved you get the feeling of ‘is this all there is?’

Define whats important for you in a relationship. Do you want to be right, win the argument all the time and end up losing the relationship?

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