Day #958: Fall in Love with Discomfort

Immediate comfort is really deceiving. It tells us to enjoy now, get that 1 extra hours of  sleep, delay studying by another hour, put off working on that book to watch a movie or scroll to your phone mindlessly looking for nothing.

The truth is, comfort in the short term is really nice. But it leads to major discomfort down the line. That extra hour you put into making that presentation great when you could have sent it like that is really uncomfortable right now, but it pays off at some point. The extra 10 push ups, that uncomfortable conversation you need to have  and yes, that essay you need to write.

All these are uncomfortable right now. But they make things easier down the line. It pays off at some point.

However, we dont know that. So what do we do?

We grow numb. We acclimate. We settle to the middle. We fall in love with comfort, and in so doing, we forget that this moment is a building block with which we construct everything that’s yet to come. We make choices in the short-run that we regret in the long-run.

We fail to do the difficult thing now that we’ll eventually be glad we did.

What is that for you? What are you putting off for short term comfort? What is your intuition telling you that you need to act on that comfort – the thief – whispers in your ear you should defer until tomorrow? Today is all you have, and the price of regret is incalculable.

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