Day #995:Chasing Two Foxes. A story about Focus.

Someone asked me for advice on how to start a blog like this one and write for 100 days non stop. Well, I thought, there are a lot of tips I can share to help. But the most important one is this story I read somewhere.

As the story goes:

A student of martial arts said to his teacher:

‘I would like to be a great aikido fighter,’ he said. ‘But I think I should also devote myself to judo, so that I am familiar with many different styles of fighting. That is the only way I can become the best.’

His teacher replied: ‘If a man goes into a field and starts running after two foxes at the same time, there will come a moment when the foxes will go their separate ways, and the man will be left not knowing which one to pursue. While he is pondering the problem, the foxes will be far away and he will have wasted both his time and his energy.


Anyone who wants to become a master must choose just ONE thing in which to become an expert.

I am not good at focusing on more than one thing at a time. So if I really want to do something, I make sure it’s the only thing I focus on. Once I get it sorted and I think I have it figured out, then I can start exploring other things.

I think this works not only for starting a blog but for anything that needs devotion, time and attention. Don’t try to do more than one thing at a time.

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