Day #907:We Can’t Do Great Things Alone

Most of us have the image of great achievers as people of individual brilliance who accomplished everything they had in life by creating the picture in their mind and willing it to reality. We hear of the ‘self made man’.

This is not so. No one has achieved something great all by himself. Every great deed is supported by people. People who never get much needed credit.

Albert Einstein is known today and the sole brain that discovered the theories of Special and General Relativity through his brilliant papers. No doubt, Einstein was a brilliant mind. However, without the constant support of Mileva, who checked Einstein’s maths, edited his works and supported him through his ‘golden period’. It is possible the world would never have known of the great genius of E=MC(square).

The is not only about Einstein, mention Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and many more, they all had people who did their ‘dirty’ jobs and supported them and inspired them. All great athletes are only as good as their coaches even though the world never talks about them.

The way the world tells the story of success deceives us into thinking we can do everything on our own. Today, no one wants to be anyone’s supporting cast, We all want to be the big name. The one history talks about. let’s change how we look at the story of success. No one ever achieved great things alone.